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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Every year since 2009 we have been creating a photo wall calendar with photographs of Milo and other dogs that used to live with us. This makes a wonderful present for the fans of Milo, which are numerous among our family. Of course, we always keep one for ourselves.Each months features a seasonal picture of Milo. I would like to share the 2013 photos with you.

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Rules For Dogs And People

Too many dog behavioural issues are caused by inconsistency and spoiling. Often dogs just don’t know what is expected of them, because the rules constantly change. Today the dog is allowed on the sofa, while tomorrow he is not. No wonder he can snap at you, when you trying to move him off it. If you have a set of rules to which you stick with no exceptions, you will find that your dog feels more secure and behaves himself. Below is the set of rules that I recommend to follow. Print it and put it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll be able to see it often.

RULES for dogs and people

  • “NO FREE LUNCH” policy. The dog must earn his treats, playtime, hugs & kisses.
  • BE CONSISTENT! What’s not allowed is not allowed.
  • THE DOG WANTS TO BE GOOD.If he does something wrong, help him by explaining what is right. Always show him an appropriate behaviour to replace the inappropriate.
  • IGNORE BAD BEHAVIOUR, don’t reinforce it with attention.
  • REPETITION = PERMANENT. Applies to both bad and good behaviour. If you can avoid bad behaviour, avoid it.