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Three Quick & Easy Changes To Improve Your Dog’s Behaviour

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Sometimes, you put up with some really annoying behaviour simply because fixing it it seems like too much to do. You might not know where to start or which method to choose. You might not have the time or the energy to invest. So I have decided to share these three quick and easy changes you can make straight away – no preparation, no learning, no researching. These are small changes with big effects. Now, don’t get me wrong, some issues do require a lot of time and effort, but do start with the small changes and it might just be enough.

Have treats ready. Put a bowl of treats in every room and get a treat pouch to carry some with you when you go for a walk. This way you will always be ready to reward good behaviour. No need to do “training sessions”, best training opportunities happen as you get on with your normal life.

Make a habit of ignoring rude behaviour. Your dog barks, begs, demands to play – ignore it. Catch yourself before you say “No!”, “Stop it!”or, worse, pick up a toy. Don’t reinforce rudeness.

Add 10 minutes to your usual walk. Tired dogs are good. You can use this extra time to do a bit of training or to change your usual way. Your dog will appreciate some new smells or some extra bonding time with you.

Small changes will add up overtime and you will see that your dog is more content and better behaved. (If you are looking for solutions for specific issues, check out “Training Resources” page or contact me).


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