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Meet Mila

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This is Mila, our four months old Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy. We sort of named her after Milo. Mila is actually a Russian female name that means “dear” and “cute”, so we thought it would suit her perfectly. Mila comes from Kingrock Showdogs in Lincolnshire.

She is very cute, but she is mad! Honestly, I had three puppies of my own and have seen quite a few as clients, but I have never seen so much energy in a puppy. It is getting better (slowly): at least she can sleep and eat without being locked. She is hard work in terms of needing a lot of attention, and I mean A LOT.

At the same time she is absolutely brilliant – a dog trainer’s dream. I still need to pinch myself once in a while to confirm I am not dreaming. I do own a dog that is willing to follow directions and is more interested in her humans than in smelling every squared centimetre of the ground. Don’t take me wrong, she still needs to be trained and we still can’t trust her of the lead with dogs or people in sight, but training is a whole different game when the dog wants to be taught and doesn’t have its own opinion on every single thing.

So this is our Mila. You will be seeing more of her on the blog – I intend to post regular updates on our training and socialising progress.


One thought on “Meet Mila

  1. Od jakiegoś czasu co raz częściej z sklepów wielobranżowych można spostrzec artykuły bio. Mimo, że bywają znacząco droższe od masowej żywnościówki, cały czas wzmaga się na nie podaż.

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