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Training Mila. Week 3.

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happy dog cardigan welsh corgi puppy

According to Mila’s Training Plan I shared a couple of weeks ago, we were supposed to be focusing on the following last week:

Week 3

  • Relaxation mat
  • Lead skills: people or dogs at a distance
  • Recall:off the lead, no people or dogs around
    • on the lead, people or dogs at a close distance

Here is what actually happened. We are still a little behind with some things, but this is to be expected. I completely forgot that I wanted to try the relaxation mat with Mila, so I am going to include this exercise next week.


We really make an effort to take Mila with us to as man places as possible. Mila has been to Fleet Pond for the first time. I don’t think she’s ever met so many dogs at once!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Training Recall Puppy

She’s also been to the woods and to a playground with us.

Mila and Sonyacardigan welsh corgi dog puppy training recall

We do get quite a few visitors at home, but she is still extremely excited about every single person. Children are usually scared of her enthusiasm. I just hope she will grow out of it soon. Overall, she has calmed down a lot over the past few weeks. If she gets enough stimulation, she is quite relaxed at home.

Lead Skills

This is the most difficult part. Mila is so excited every time we head out! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppy as excitable at this age. Luckily she seems to calm down as the walk progresses and will only pull if she can see a person or a dog. During last week we were practising “Look at me” with and without distractions, which is still unreliable but it is getting better. I have started teaching her to walk on the lead without pulling with no distractions, but that is not progressing as well as I hoped. The main reason is that I don’t have enough time to do this. I can’t do any lead work with my daughter around.


cardigan welsh corgi puppy dog training recall socialisation

We made quite a bit of progress with recall. Mila’s recall is very good without distractions. I am still cautious about letting her off the lead, because I don’t want her to approach dogs on the lead, and she will do it. However, on a few occasions she came back when called after she’d finished playing with another dog. Most likely it was pure luck, not training, but at least we’re getting somewhere. All in all, I would say Week 3 goals with recall have been accomplished.

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