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My dog begs. What do I do?

Many dogs have this annoying habit. They would employ all the power of their large sad eyes to get a piece of that you’re eating. They would place their muzzles on your lap and look like they haven’t eaten for a week. They would make you feel ashamed of starving the poor animal. Dogs know how to get what they want. So, why are they begging so persistently? Even dogs that are not as crazy about food as Milo, sometimes beg. The answer is very simple. Dogs beg, because we taught them too. Remember: any behaviour that is reinforced will be repeated. Behaviours reinforced randomly are more likely to be repeated. If you give way to your dog’s begging even on rare occasions, he will continue begging.

How to stop your dog from begging?

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Why do dogs roll in poop?

I am often asked why dogs like to roll in poop and other disgusting things. In fact, a significant share of stories about Milo has to do with him rubbing some odorous things on his neck and us trying to get rid of it. So why do dogs like to smell of disgusting things? No one knows for sure, but two theories exist.

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