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Katerina the Trainer

Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Katerina. I am a Certified Dog Trainer.

I received my qualification as a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) from Animal Behavior College in 2010. I volunteered in an animal shelter, while studying for my Master’s Degree in Psychology and have experience training rescue dogs with various behavioural  issues. In addition to being qualified as a dog training specialist, I am trained in curriculum design and adult learning. I can train your dog(s) for you or I can teach you how to train your dog(s). I am based in Fleet, Hampshire.

I developed interest in canine behaviour and dog training, when I first got Milo and started working on his problems. We worked with several dog trainers and canine behaviourists and I read all I could find on canine behaviour. At some point I decided to get a professional qualification in dog training to be able to help other people and their dogs. My special interest is dogs with behavioural problems such as guarding, fear, anxiety etc. However, I enjoy puppy training and basic obedience training too. My greatest satisfaction is to see the quality of life improved for the dogs and their owners.


I am an advocate for positive training methods, therefore, I will never use or encourage you to use harsh corrections, choke chains, electric shock collars etc. I believe that we have to teach our dogs about our expectations, not to scare them. I like to use a mix of clicker training, “no free lunch policy”, “negative punishment” (removing desired things from the dog) and environment modification.

I believe that each family is different, therefore, each family dog should be trained to suit its family rather than to follow a standardised training program. Although, I’m always happy to guide you through the basic obedience training, I always emphasise the real life applications of everything I teach. I would rather have all dogs taught not to pull on the lead, to keep an eye on their owners when off lead and not to bark at visitors, than have them taught to heel, sit and lie down. Believe me, the latter is very easy to teach! On the other hand, teaching dogs good manners requires a more thoughtful, holistic and customised approach.

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  1. Thank you for your comment! I agree: dog training is highly beneficial for the relationship between the dog and its owner