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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. After initially contacting Katerina about our rescue lurcher who was displaying some aggressive tendencies, we met her for our free assessment session at home. She was very knowledgable, instantly recognising some of Mylo’s triggers and helping us to identify how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Her key philosophy is to avoid bad behaviour and encourage the good behaviour with rewards. After just one and a half months, and 5 sessions, Mylo is a different dog! His aggressive traits appear to have almost disappeared, he is more submissive and willing to work and is a real joy to train. Moving forward, we are going to continue implementing the tools she has given us with some catch up sessions more sporadically. We really feel more empowered and confident to work with our rescue dog!

  2. We wanted to say a big Thank You to Ekaterina, she has helped us with our rescue dog Hobbes, who is a 1yr old smooth Collie. Our main problems have been pulling on the lead, lack of focus and impolite behaviours around other dogs. Ekaterina gave us tips and suggestions to help with the pulling on the lead and although we have not totally cracked it yet, he is definitely better than he was and we know what to do now to improve it.

    We were scare before to let Hobbes off the lead as he always seem to want to fight with other dogs, but Ekaterina gave us the confidence and information to understand that Hobbes wasn’t being aggressive, he just didn’t have great social skills or experience and that he would probably be better with other dogs off the lead, which indeed, he has been!

    Sometimes Hobbes would get a bit snarly if we tried to touch him or he’d get possessive over food. Ekaterina explained about dog psychology which helped us to understand what might be leading to these behaviours and things we could do to help manage/re-train them.

    We have done lots of treat based learning to improve his focus and learn basic commands, we even managed to fit in a training session with our 8yr old son and Ekaterina taught him how to teach Hobbes some tricks which he really enjoyed. Overall we feel in a much happier and more confident place with our pet and feel he is fitting into our family life much better now. Thank you! x

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