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Read These First

Rules for dogs and people

How to Use a Clicker to Train Your Dog.

The Most Versatile Dog Training Tool: the “Time-Out”.

Not all treats are created equal: role of treats in dog training

Training Philosophy

The Three Bases of Dog Training

On the importance of setting boundaries

Love, Trust and Dogs

Let your dog play and discover!

Basic Skills

The Foundation: “Touch”

The Foundation: “Eye contact”

The Foundation: “Look at me”

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit or Lie Down and Wait in 10 Steps

New Dog or Puppy

A Guide to Your New Puppy

How to housebreak a dog (puppy or adult).

Lead Skills

Which type of dog lead is the best?

How to stop a dog from pulling on his leash?

Leash pulling: common mistakes

How to Improve Your Dog’s Leash Walking Skills

Lead Aggression. Part 1.

Lead Aggression. Part 2: Concentration Skills and Stress.

Lead Aggression. Part 3: Perception of Other Dogs

Lead Aggression. Part 4: Triggers.


Body Guarding and Being Used to Touch

A dog too excited to learn?

My dog begs. What do I do?

Home Alone